What We Do

We create Mobility

We understand transport

We help our clients develop –

safe, convenient, accessible living areas,

shopping centres, homes, offices –

City spaces!

We combine mobility options with our planning and

design colleagues to create exciting and sustainable spaces.

Sustainable Mobility

Traffic Impact Assessments

Microsimulation Modelling

Urban Planning and Design

Public Transport

Research and Innovation


We specialise in Urban Mobility. Sustainable Mobility!

Transport is a complex business, but it revolves around people.

We deal in ideas, test alternatives and create solutions.

No, we don’t always need more roads - we model our solutions on the computer and slowly, but surely, we change how Cities work.

Take a trip around our site - find something interesting and talk to us.

We like to collaborate – it makes us all wiser and produces better solutions for people!


We are driven by curiosity: curious about why, curious for solutions and always eager to try new things –

  • Experience: We’ve seen a lot and done a lot. But we do love a challenge. You have issues – Bring them to us!
  • Passion: We do this because we love it. We are going to get involved in your project, we will take it personally and we will meet those deadlines!
  • Vision: You might have 20/20 vision, but often we need more. You want to know future trends? Talk to us!
  • Collaboration: We don’t have all the answers and we don’t expect mobility to always take priority. We listen, share, advise and recommend.

We don’t cut corners, we don’t leave stones unturned and we don’t give up on a good idea …..!


We can't do this without you......

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Maletuka Mahalefele

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